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Before your new luxury vinyl floors are installed, check out our guide!


At Great Western Flooring, we highly suggest that you have your vinyl floors installed professionally by our experienced team. We're well-equipped to handle the heavy, sometimes difficult workload that vinyl flooring installation entails. Ask about installation at any of our showroom locations.

Once your installation is scheduled, here are a few steps to take in preparation:

  • clear the room of any furniture or other items
  • you may need to remove baseboards & molding in advance, something we can do for you - we'll handle this detail during our initial conversation about vinyl installation
  • you may also need an underlayment - this is another detail we'll work out in advance to ensure that your surface is smooth, dry and free of imperfections before we begin
  • prepare to have an adult from your household greet our team when they arrive
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Shaw vinyl flooring | Great Western Flooring Co.


Once your sub-flooring is ready to go, your new vinyl will be installed by our professional team. Be sure to keep children & pets away from the work area, and prepare in advance for noise and a bit of a disruption to your normal routine.


After installation, you’ll need to make sure your room has good ventilation. You can help ensure good air flow by opening up windows, turning on fans and taking other steps to air the room out for about 48 to 72 hours. Then, it’s up to you to care for and maintain your new vinyl floor.

If you have questions about floor maintenance, we would be happy to answer them for you.

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Great Western Flooring Co. is the proud retailer of high-quality vinyl from reputable brand names.

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