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One of the most beautiful and timeless flooring solutions that you can invest in today.

Hardwood | Great Western Flooring Co.


This is a super helpful resource from our friends at the National Wood Flooring Association! Learn about using real wood floors in your home, and get more information about wood options for different lifestyles, the benefits of wood flooring, and various maintenance and protection tips. Click the button to visit their site and download a copy for free!

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Even the most beautiful hardwood floors will eventually need to be refinished! If your floors are looking scratched, dull, or discolored, give our hardwood experts a call! Our professional team can restore your floors to their original beauty or provide a custom look to refresh your design.


Hardwood floors have been in use for centuries because of their durability and timeless qualities. At Great Western Flooring Co., we offer a vast collection of hardwood floors from various species of wood in many different finishes ranging from unfinished, pre-finished, solid or engineered.

 Browse our pine, maple, oak, and other hardwood species for your flooring options. 

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Hardwood | Great Western Flooring Co.
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Nature's Finest Flooring Solution

Unlike tile or laminate, hardwood is an organic product made from real wood and different types of tree species. It is designed to last and as your floor gets older, the unique grains and knots transform which gives your home more character. They may need to be refinished over time, however, with the proper care and maintenance hardwood floors can last a lifetime.

Browse Our Pine, Maple Oak and many other hardwood floor options for more ideas.

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Hardwood floors can last decades and may only need to be refinished every few years if you have taken the time to care for and maintain them properly. Using the correct cleaning products can also extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors and investment.

Find out how to gently clean your hardwood floors with our easy to follow care and maintenance guide.


Leave the hard work to our professionals! Allow us to transform your space into a masterpiece with cutting edge installation techniques. Our hardwood installations feature finished-on-site, pre-finished, engineered, exotic, plank and medallions. We can also include additional options such as soundproofing systems, custom inlays, below-grade installations, & specialty dance, aerobic & athletic floors.

Find out more about our installation process and how you can prepare for your new hardwood floors.

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Great Western Flooring Co. is the proud retailer of high-quality hardwood floors from reputable brand names.

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