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Does Your Hardwood Need to be Refinished? | Great Western Flooring Co.

As a homeowner, it’s an incredible feeling to know that your gorgeous hardwood flooring will retain its value and will even increase the resale value of your home if you decide to go on the market. However, it’s very possible that your hardwood will experience dulling or scratching over time.…

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Preparing Your Home for Spring | Great Western Flooring Co.

Spring is a beautiful time—and for many, it’s the best season! As new life abounds and flowers bloom, it’s only natural that we want to take a few moments to spruce up our home as well—hence, the term “spring cleaning.” Not only does spring cleaning get us in the spirit…

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Using Area Rugs in Your Minimalistic Design | Great Western Flooring Co.

There really is no limit to what the perfect area rug can do! It can create a bold, eye-catching moment within a room design—a colorful, busy pop of visual interest. Sometimes, however, you might choose to add some texture, depth, color, and pattern to a space with a more muted,…

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